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Introduction to HACCP Systems

  • 04/26/2023 - 04/27/2023
  • Maritime Conference Center
HACCP Training - Food Safety Training

Intro to HACCP Course Details:

Get the knowledge you need to develop and implement an effective food safety management system. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a systematic approach to the identification, evaluation, and control of food safety hazards. HACCP is used and recognized by industry and regulators around the globe as an effective method for identifying food safety hazards and implementing appropriate controls to ensure the safety of foods introduced into the supply chain.

Through this 2-day course, you will understand HACCP principles and methods and be equipped to develop, implement, and maintain a HACCP Plan for your operations. The course includes a presentation of the HACCP system curriculum along with hands-on learning through exercises, the development of a model HACCP Plan, and several quizzes to provide student interaction with the course content and to ensure participants understand the content and its application.


Introduction to Food Safety and the HACCP System

-HACCP Overview
-History of HACCP / CODEX Committee on Food Hygiene, National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Food
-Food Safety Concerns and the Benefits of HACCP

Pre-requisite Programs

-Importance of Pre-requisite Programs
-Review of Pre-requisite Programs (Sanitation, Housekeeping, Hygenic Practices, Training Programs, and Facility)

Review of Food Safety Hazards


Overview of HACCP Plan Development

-Management Support
-Implementation of Pre-requisite Programs
-12 Steps of HACCP Implementation

Principle 1 - Conduct A Hazard Analysis

-Hazard Identification
-Hazard Evaluation
-Risk Assessment and Justification

Principle 2 - Determine Critical Control Points

-Control Points and Critical Control Points
-HACCP Decision Tree

Principle 3 - Establish Critical Limits

-Setting Critical Limits
-Critical Limit vs. Operating Limit

Principles 4 & 5 - Establish Monitoring Procedures / Establish Corrective Actions

-What, How, When (Frequency), Who
-Isolate, Correct the Cause, Disposition, Corrective Actions

Principles 5 & 6 - Establish Verification Procedures / Establish Record-keeping

-Validation & Verification
-HACCP plan, Support Documentation, Daily Operational Records, Retention

Managing HACCP Plans

-Integral Part of the Operation
-HACCP Team's Role
Review and Update

HACCP and Regulatory Agencies

-Other Countries
  • Time : 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (UTC-4)
  • Registration Deadline : 04/12/2023

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