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Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action


Join our 2-hour class LIVE online to learn the importance of Root Cause Analysis and the proper application of Corrective & Preventive Actions!

Effective Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) require an effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Unfortunately, many food & beverage companies fall short in the process by confusing the identification of a deficiency in the system with the true Root Cause, thus failing to implement an effective Corrective and Preventive Action. Without properly identifying the Root Cause, only correction and Corrective Actions are addressed, and proper Preventive Actions are not identified and implemented.

What you’ll Learn:

    • The Meaning of both Root Cause Analysis and Corrective and Preventive Actions
    • The Importance of effective Root Cause Analysis
    • The difference between a Deficiency and Root Cause
    • Understanding Root Cause Analysis Tools
    • How to Effectively Apply Corrective & Preventive Actions and Root Cause Analysis
    • Students who successfully complete the 2-hour course will be issued a Certificate of Training by FSQC
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Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action Course Details

Course Description

During this short, 2-hour course you’ll learn a simple 6-step process that can be used in any process to assure your Corrective and Preventive Action system is fine-tuned to properly identify Root Cause and implement true Preventive Actions.

This course includes:

  • A presentation of the Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Action curriculum
  • Hands-on learning through classroom discussion
  • Examples & Templates: 5 Whys – Root Cause Analysis | Is, Is Not Attribute Comparison | 8D Corrective & Preventive Action Process | FSQC’s Proprietary 6-Step Corrective & Preventive Action Process

What Others Are Saying About This Class . . .

Loved that the class material was provided to the participants, such a valuable tool to have.


EAGLE Certification Group

I liked that the examples used in the presentations were actual situations that a 8D or 5P were done.


Neaton Rome, Inc.

I . . . have received more “chair time” in educational/continuing ed classes than I care to count. Rarely have I scored a class this high. . . . The instructor was thorough in his explanations and at the same time not too redundant. The visual aids were excellent and the handouts provided will be put to good use at our facility. I was NOT disappointed. Looking forward to future classes from FSQC. . . .

Craig Evans

This course helped me understand CAPA and root cause analysis with new and interesting perspective. The examples were very well selected to help understand the course. . . .


ICF Mercantile

Arlen Keller

Arlen Keller

Food Safety Training Instructor

FSQC Training Center's Lead Instructor, Arlen Keller, has over 45 years of Food and Beverage Industry experience. His experience includes everything from being an hourly worker on the plant floor to production management, labratory analyst, and coroporate regulatory, food safety, & quality systems management. Arlen uses his real-world, hands-on experience to provide applicable content and instruction.


Read about his complete journey as a food safety professional here.

Food Safety Training General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for anyone looking to develop a working knowledge of proper Root Cause Analysis and Corrective & Preventive Actions, as well as for those people looking to update their training. If you work in or with companies that manufacture, handle, and distribute food or food packaging, this is the right course for you. Positions that commonly take this course include Employees, Supervisors, and Managers from:

  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Safety
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Procurement
  • Distribution
  • Maintenance
  • Sanitation
  • Auditors and Consultants
  • ANYONE who impacts food safety
How long is the course?

This course is 2 hours in duration.

What's included with this course?

All course materials are provided to you by FSQC Training Center, including sample forms, examples, and templates to assist you in effectively identifying and correcting deficiencies in your Food Safety System. All you need is a willingness to learn!

Do these classes take place online or in-person?

This course is currently only taught LIVE, online. Check out our Upcoming Events to register!

Interested in having your team trained? Contact Us for information on private training.

Will I receive proof of training?

Yes! Upon successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded an FSQC Certificate of Training.